Game Hoarding

Want a quick way to depress me these days? Show me my Steam library. I just picked up my 110th game. And to think, when I built my computer three years ago I thought I would never fill a terabyte hard drive. You know my addiction is bad when I feel compelled to check the daily/weekly/midweek/weekend sales every day at 1:00, and I’m actually relieved when it’s nothing I’m interested in. If it is a game I want, I feel bad buying it because I don’t have the time or the money ($5.00 or so a pop adds up surprisingly fast), but I feel bad not buying it becaue it’s ON SALE. And what if one day I say to myself “Self, what I really feel like playing is Prince of Persia Sands of Time. Too bad I didn’t buy it when it was on sale a few months back.” Sadly, I’m really not sure if this is a realistic scenario or not because I usually end up just buying it.
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