Ding! 80: Reflections on Guild Wars 2

It took me almost 30 tries to get this pose, no joke
I finally made it: my engineer, Isoni, finally hit 80, rather unceremoniously in the middle of a heated underwater battle (I hate underwater combat… there’s a reason why GW2 is the first game I’ve seen in years actually implement it, and I hope it’s a good many years before I see it again). It’s been some time since I actually got a character to the endgame in an MMO (I think Star Wars: The Old Republic was the last, and that was nearly three years ago), and I guess it’s kind of refreshing to actually finish a character for once. Not as refreshing as you might imagine, though; I’m one of those strange people who seeks the journey rather than the destination. It’s probably why I’m such an altaholic… but that’s a subject for another post. This post is about my thoughts on getting a character to 80 in Guild Wars 2.
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