Guild Wars 2: Concerning Alts

As I think I’ve mentioned once or twice, I’m a bit of an altaholic. I can’t really think of an MMO where I haven’t played every class for at least a little bit. Not only is it fun to try out new class mechanics, but I also feel a basic knowledge of each class makes me better in group settings. Guild Wars 2 has been a little different for me, though. Yes, I’ve bought two character slots (bringing my total to 7, an 8th may happen when they go on sale again) so I could play more characters, but Guild Wars 2 has been unique in that, once my engineer clicked with me, I didn’t really feel the pull to leave her until I hit the level cap. I would try out a character from time to time, but I always felt like they were a diversion, not a temptation as alts usually are. Of course, the life-sucking wasteland that is the three Orr zones stopped me just short of finishing my personal story (for now), but the point is I hit 80 without much wandering off to play other characters. Continue reading