Marvel Heroes: Anniversary Apathy

I hate it when games that I’m not currently playing run events. Take Marvel Heroes for example. It’s a great game, and I enjoy playing it from time to time, but right now I just want to play WildStar and Elder Scrolls Online (yes, it’s sticking more than I initially thought it would… more on that another day). But Marvel Heroes is running its third anniversary event this month, and, as its players know, that always means lots of free goodies and, more importantly, massive XP boosts. I feel like I should take advantage of this opportunity to level a few of my characters and grind enough cake slices for a free hero ticket. I’ve got several characters around 35 or 40 that kind of stalled, and I should probably at least get them to 50 for their second synergy boost. Also there really aren’t any new heroes that I’m excited about at the moment. I’m planning on buying Ultron and Nick Fury when they come out, but, of course, that doesn’t help me now. A while back I considered picking up Green Goblin, but I’ve literally only seen him once, and that was in a hub, so I’m guessing he’s not much fun. I also got Black Cat from a pack, but have yet to do anything with her, so I guess that’s an option, but she doesn’t really seem like my type of character.

I’m generally feeling really apathetic toward the game right now, playing a little each day because I know that at some future date I will be mad at myself if I don’t take advantage of the XP boost and get at least one hero ticket. I hate this feeling of obligation to a game–it’s a game after all, it should be something I do for fun and not because I have to–but I hate the idea of missing getting something that I want for free even more. Fortunately the event runs all month, so hopefully I’ll be able to do a little each day and get everything I want by the end.