Yes I am an Adult, and Yes I Play Pokémon

Ash Pikachu Crop

Nothing saddens me more than a good thing over-commercialized. Actually, I don’t even mind the commercialization so much if it’s done at least mostly tastefully (instance: Star Wars; mostly good games, mostly good books, even the Clone Wars TV show was tolerable in spots). Nintendo, however, has never known how do so (instance: the Super Mario Bros Movie… and we don’t even talk about the CDi “games”). Perhaps the most unfortunate instance of this is Pokémon. After Super Smash Bros, Pokémon is probably Nintendo’s only game that I could actually call hardcore. Sure, Zelda and Metroid are incredible games that I can play again and again, but Pokémon just has so much depth and complexity. It’s because of this that I’m amazed at just how much people scoff when I tell them I enjoy Pokémon.
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