Things I’m Excited About Right Now

Due to a convergence of circumstances involving buying a house, working a lot, and various weddings (I’m rubbish at weddings, especially my own), I haven’t really had enough time to sleep lately, let alone blog. So I thought I’d bring you a few things from around the internets that I’m excited about right now.


I have long been a fan of the Myst series, and have been saddened over the last few years by the complete lack of anything new coming out of Cyan. Yes, they did an excellent job porting Myst, realMyst and Riven to iOS (along with a few other mobile games I would, unfortunately, rather forget about), but I’d rather play them on PC, and I really just want something new. Yes, I was excited by the announcement of realMyst Masterpiece (something that has been too long coming, in my opinion, along with a realRiven, which I’m still hoping for), but it wasn’t what I’d been waiting for. The Obduction Kickstarter, however, was exactly what I’d been waiting for. Obduction is Cyan’s sci-fi spiritual sequel to the Myst series, promising the same kind of exploration and atmosphere as the Myst games. I don’t think it will be as classic as Myst, but I still can’t wait to dive in and explore a new world filled with those wonderful Cyan puzzles. My fiancée and I have already gone together to back at the $120 level, even though we probably can’t afford it.

LotRO gives Double XP For A Month

I haven’t been on LotRO since May, but the announcement that they’re giving double XP to everyone from now till the launch of their Helm’s Deep expansion may lure me back in. Maybe my Loremaster will actually make it to Moria (or should I take my Hobbit to Isengard?). LotRO has always had trouble keeping my attention, but I keep coming back for more, so we’ll see.

The Chronicles of Narnia: The Silver Chair

I love the Chronicles of Narnia, and I had pretty much given up hope that we would see any more movies, especially since they were in legal limbo for some time, but earlier this month it was announced that The Silver Chair will be making its way to theaters soon, though with the Mark Gordon company at the helm rather than Walden Media like the first three. While The Silver Chair is my least favorite book in the series, I’m just happy to see them moving forward with more movies (hopefully staying more true to the originals than Prince Caspian did). It would be unfortunate to not finish what they’ve started with such a well-loved book series.

Doctor Who 50th Anniversary Special Trailer

Excuse me while I put on a jacket, I’m still getting chills from BBC’s Day of the Doctor trailer. It’s filled with Easter eggs (or hints of things to come?) and is maddeningly cryptic. I’m blindly choosing the believe that last season being mediocre at best was a result of the writers pouring all of their creative energies into the anniversary and Christmas specials.


7 thoughts on “Things I’m Excited About Right Now

  1. Did you ever read the Myst books? I haven’t played any of the games yet because I’m rubbish at puzzles (shame shame shame), but I really enjoyed reading about the world.

    • I loved the Myst books! They were great, except that, like many books based off of visual media (games, movies, TV shows, etc.), they were kind of lacking in descriptive detail. I’m still a little fuzzy on what some of the characters should look like. But they had a really nice overall feel to them that did a nice job capturing the atmosphere of the games.

  2. Oh, I had no idea about the Myst thing, good to know about! I’m a great fan of Myst, although I’m still stuck somewhere half through Riven…

    I should give LotRO a try again myself to at least get my poor captain (stuck on level 84) up to 85. The XP thing is really nice there, the last levels take soooo long.

      • I don’t know when you last did Moria, but it’s had quite a big revamp and is a lot quicker to get through than it used to be.

        And most of the later stretches were always faster to level through than Moria.

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