A Blogging Hiatus

I’ve been chronicling my gaming adventures and random thoughts in this blog for a year now, and really enjoy it. I’ve always tried to post at least once a week, but, unfortunately, I just haven’t had the time for much gaming lately, let alone blogging about it (having a life is lame, I don’t recommend it). I’ve felt like my recent posts have not only become increasingly sporadic, but also, when I do post, it feels forced, either because it’s about something I’m not sure anyone cares about, or it’s really rushed because I know I won’t have any other time to finish it.

I don’t plan on shutting down my blog; I hope to still post from time to time. But I’m giving myself a break from trying to post once a week. If I feel inspired, I’ll write. If I don’t, I won’t feel bad about it. I think I’ll enjoy it a lot more this way. So, if I seem inactive, please don’t unsubscribe, and keep following me on Twitter if you’d like. I’ve thought about trying my hand at Twitch streaming, so I’ll be sure to post more about that on Twitter if that ever becomes a thing.

Thanks to everyone who reads my blog, especially those who comment. I always enjoy reading feedback, even if I don’t reply.


2 thoughts on “A Blogging Hiatus

  1. Making it through a whole year is pretty good! I’ll be there in a couple of weeks too. 🙂

    My approach is pretty much to post when I a) feel like it and b) have the time to do it. I’ll have averaged about two posts a month over the the year, but some months I didn’t post anything at all.

  2. It happens, and I definitely have had periods of time when I didn’t post, didn’t feel like what I would post was really worthy of the time it would take, or took breaks. I actually called it done at one point but that only lasted for a couple of months before I declared I was back, and then took another few months off 😛 Don’t worry about us, do what you have to do. Soon, you’ll get inspired and you’ll be back, mark my words.

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