LotRO: Warden For The Long Haul

I’ve come to a decision: I’m going to see this Warden to 50. Sure, I decided that a while ago, but this time I mean it. Syp over at Bio Break tempted me with his post about how he’s loving the minstrel. I miss healing, and the bard motif is just so cool, and while I had a decently high level one at one point, it’s been years and I’ve always wanted to get back to it some day. Ironically, the very next week, he made another post talking about how he had been tempted to switch away from minstrel and resisted, and I took it as a sign that I should do the same. The grass is always greener in someone else’s class, and Warden is just too fun and too unique to pass up. Plus I’m making great progress. Gambit combos are becoming second nature, like a rotation in any other class really. It’s almost easier because there really aren’t that many buttons involved, you just have to press the same ones a lot.

I’ve also gotten serious about doing deeds for the first time. Deeds are always one of those things I plan on going back for once I’m overleveled and can breeze through quickly. And then when I’m overleveled the prospect of killing a few hundred neeker-breekers for a small percent passive doesn’t sound very appealing. But those small percents add up, so I’m taking some time off from leveling to go back through the Shire and finish delivering letters, running pies, touring ruins, and slaying wolves. It also gives me a chance to go back and get some low-level wood to level up woodworker, which I just picked up. I started out as a cook, because, well, what hobbit would go on an adventure without sixty coney pies in her bag? It’s nice to be able to craft my own buffs, especially given the slow health regen speed LotRO has, but I decided that I could just as easily do that on a character who I’m not actively playing, since you can grow your own crops at any field. I realized that, if I picked up woodworker, I could craft my own spears, javelins, and shields, and gathering wood requires exploration. So I ended up making use of that minstrel after all, as my new cook who never leaves Ered Luin, whereas my warden had all of her memories of cooking and farming erased and replaced with the ability to make sticks pointier (video games are weird).

I’m still loving the Legendary server! I do, however, notice I’m starting to fall behind the pack. After I finish up deeds in the Shire, I’ll be moving on to the Old Forest (which looks amazing now!) and probably not quite level 20, which, objectively, isn’t a whole lot of progress. I had a busy weekend and haven’t had as much time to play as I would like, but I’m not worried. This is the point of the progression server; everyone is forced to stop at 50 for the next three and a half months, which is plenty of time. Plus, seeing fewer people on Arnor still means seeing two or three times the people I’d see in Bree-Land on any other server, so I’m still happy.


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